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Q. Why Siegwald Academy?

It is the only state-of –art academy that has set up its operations in Eastern India to groom and train the aspirants for the Armed Forces Officer grade services and spread awareness of the lucrative career the Armed Forces offer. It is also spreading awareness for the various entry schemes where no examination are required to be given and an aspirant can apply based on his/her academic qualifications.

Q. Do you have hostel facility?

We will facilitate arrangements for hostel facilities

Q. When can I join?

You can join any day. We have multiple batches going on every single day.

Q. What is your success rate?

7 selected in SSB in the last 5 months that we have started SSB training….82 appearing for their UPSC Written exams between Feb 2016 – April 2016

Q. Who are the faculty members?

We have a total of dedicated 4 fulltime and 2 part time faculty members for SSB training. These senior Officers were posted in various SSBs as Interviewing Officers, GTO’s Psychologists, Call up Officers etc. Besides their SSB exposure they are excellent trainers.

Q. Do you provide Study material?

Yes we will give you a welcome pack which would contain study material along with other literature.

Q. What is the guarantee for success?

Yes, you follow what we are teaching and you will be able to perform your best. Follow what is taught in our classes, success is yours!!

Q. Do you have good outdoor task area?

Yes, we are the only academy in Eastern India with a fully equipped outdoor task area within our campus as seen in the SSB. Please visit our website to view the pics of our outdoor area.

Q. I am a repeater, how can you help me to succeed in the SSB.

Then it is even more important that you train with us. We will be able to identify the gaps in your performance and give you the tools to overcome your weaknesses to achieve success. Our first SSB qualifier was a repeater who enrolled in our training programme which helped him improve his performance and crack the SSB.

Q. Do you have refresher training?

Yes, we are the only organization offering refresher training and you can attend the same before you appear for SSB. Contact the academy to know details.

Q. Do you have live chat to clear any doubt?

Yes you can have live chat with our experts and clear your doubts.

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