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The ability to effectively and fluently communicate in English is considered imperative in almost all spheres of life today across all age groups and demographics.

A lack of command over the language sometimes leads to a lack of self-confidence which can inhibit people from realizing their full potential.

At Siegwald we aim to develop your communicative language skills which will help you to achieve your goals be it professional, academic. Our courses are designed to help you develop the skills to communicate clearly and effectively in English.

Siegwald’s expert faculty, interactive approach and small class size helps our faculty to focus on each student and give them individual attention.

Course Fee: INR 4,000 (for 04 x two hour sessions for a month).

Please contact us today to know more details and enroll yourself.

It is said that first impressions are often the last impression. As a professional applying for a job, as a student appearing for a college interview, as an executive making a sales pitch to a customer; in today’s frenetically competitive world, each of us usually get only one opportunity to make a lasting impression.

What is that impresses people?

​G​ood carriage, self-confidence, aesthetic and appropriate attire and a well groomed appearance and pleasing personality.​ How do you make a positive first impression. ​

Enough research proves that a good personality can yield you multiple direct benefits – a better personal and professional life, enhanced job prospects, improved level of confidence, ability to conduct oneself better in social gatherings etc.

What are the areas of improvement?

​We can assist you make the cut in your personality, confidence, facing an interview, group discussions, grooming and bearing. If you fear ​public speaking we will help you address this challenge. We hone the Art of Public Speaking.

Recruiters across the spectrum are hiring for soft skills, hard skills are available aplenty. “We hire for attitude; aptitude we impart”, is the general quip. So what are these soft skills? We can definitely help you hone your soft skills.

How can we help you?

​Our trained and experienced faculty can help you to master the game. We improve your self-esteem, your self-efficacy and confidence. Once your morale is high, you’ve the tools to enter the battle – you’ll come out winner.​

Course Fee:

INR 2,500 (for 04 x two hour sessions for a month)

SIEGWALD TRAINING ACADEMY, ushers in quality business around Training, having been in this domain since two decades. Our foray into Security Personnel training was a natural progression, since we impart training to aspirants preparing to join the Defence Forces as Officers in the Army, Navy & Air Force. Our trainers comprise of senior defence personnel who have been in high risk situations, and can analyse the importance of security in these troubled times.

We train Security Supervisors and Guards to be readily deployed in their field of work and help organizations to hit the road running. Your Security Agency needs to compete and maintain high standards in the industry where your rate is pre linked to your quality of Service. We impart quality and help these personnel to understand the nuances of security.

Our curriculum has been designed by experts in the field who understand security; threat analysis, security cordon/ tiers of security, ingress and egress and need to monitor and the execution. The technology available to man the ingress & egress routes, fire-fighting and crowd control.

After completion of training each trained individual will be provided with a completion certificate. These trained people can be deployed immediately with full knowledge of security threat, tiers of security, handle security related equipment, basic firefighting and crowd control.

We have our own training facility comprising of in-house classrooms and outdoor ground facility, which helps us impart quality training. We can also provide offsite training, when required on case-to-case basis.

The charges for such training are INR 750 per person. Should you send more than 10 individuals we extend a 10 percent discount.

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