The Indian Army is the favored career choice for many enthusiastic youngsters in the country. You need to know that it takes more than just a patriotic fervor to become a part of the Indian Army. You need to have the aptitude, intelligence, presence of mind and a whole host of other qualities in order to qualify. Because these are skills that can be tested through written examinations, this part of the hurdle becomes all-important. You have to train exclusively in order to crack the entrance examinations that open up the doors to the Indian Army, and the ACC exams are no different.

ACC stands for Army Cadet College. As is evident from the name, this entrance exam is a ticket to the army college that trains officers of the Indian Army. Here you should be aware of the fact that the ACC is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country and you need good prep work for months to stand a chance at cracking it. Like the NDA, the ACC course runs for 3 years and trains you in the field of science and humanities. The added advantage of studying in the ACC is that you are oriented into the life of a soldier, something that holds you in good stead when you start serving in the army.

After the written examination, a Services Selection Board is allotted the task of recruiting the candidates from the pool of those who have qualified in the written test. Let’s talk about the written test now. There are four papers that you have to write. The first paper is based on General Mental Ability Test where the intellectual ability and prowess of the candidate will be tested. This will have questions on Data Sufficiency and Argument. The second paper is on General Awareness where the candidates’ general knowledge will be tested, along with their practical application to problems. Military awareness will also be tested through this paper.

The third paper is about Communicative English. You need to have a strong command over communicative English so that communication is not a problem when you are selected. Finally, there is the fourth paper which tests your skills in Science, Maths, and Humanities.
As is evident, you need to work very hard in order to cover all the bases of this exam. So start your work right now with the help of Siegwald Academy, the premier institute of ACC exam training.