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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid During SSB Interview

There are uncountable instances of native English speakers making grammatical mistakes during writing or speaking. Those who use English as official language are liable to make mistakes as well. In fact, we make mistakes while using our mother tongue so how can we not make errors while using a foreign language?

There is no shame in admitting that you make mistakes while using English. However, it would be foolhardy to not rectify them, especially when you are appearing for an exam like SSB. Here, both spoken and written English will be tested. While you need not be an expert in the language, you need to have correct functional knowledge.

Some Common Mistakes To Avoid During SSB Interview

  • Apostrophe: The use of apostrophe is a minefield for most. Words like “its” and “it’s” are most susceptible to mistakes. Similarly, when a word ends in “s”, will you put an “’s” or not? These are mistakes which require careful correction by an expert. During your training at the best SSB institute in Kolkata, Siegwald Academy, stress is put on such small details so that your knowledge and usage is perfect.
  • Contractions: In using English, we often use contractions like “they’re” and “you’re”. But how different are they from “their” and “your”? You have to know the correct usage so that you write them correctly as well as pronounce them the right way. In this case, the former are both contractions of “they are” and “you are” while the latter are possessive cases.
  • Word Meanings: There are some words, like “affect” and “effect”, which are close in meaning and pronunciation but not quite the same. The distinction makes all the difference. While “affect” is a verb, “effect” is a noun. There is subtle difference in meaning as well, not just use. You have to be particular about these details, like the difference between the words “look”, “see” and “watch”.
  • Prepositions: The only section of grammar where you need to memorize rather than understand, some prepositions can be quite tricky! Observe the difference between “into” and “in to”, or between the prepositions “since” and “for”. Professional English teachers at SSB training institutes like Siegwald Academy will guide you to use the language properly and correctly.

By learning correct English for SSB, you have better chances of cracking the written and interviews.

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