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5-Step Scheduling Of SSB Procedure

You must have heard it being said, well begun is half done. This is true for SSB interviews. There are 5 steps in the procedure that you must know, especially if you are going in for the first time. Knowing these steps prepares you mentally and when you finally face the steps leading upwards, you are confident because you know what is about to come. Here are the 5 steps of SSB that you should know about.

Step 1: After you have reported, the first stage of screening is done to pick up candidates among all of those that have come to the camp. This screening consists of verbal and non-verbal tests, along with PPDT. The former is not much tough and there isn’t much prep work necessary. In the PPDT, a picture is shown to you for 30 seconds. You will be required to write something about it in 3 minutes. You will then discuss your story in groups. Clearing PPDT takes you to Step 2.

Step 2: This is the real testing stage where the tests are categorized under different heads. The aim of the tests is simple: testing the psychological ability of the candidate to fulfill the duties of an officer. The different categories are Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self Description Test (SDT). Your ability to think and write will be tested, but write legibly by all means.

Step 3: GTO is the name of this stage, where you will be required to perform several outdoor tasks. These tasks will be conducted in groups. So, you will be expected to perform as a team player within the group. Make sure you understand your role in the tasks and perform accordingly. Don’t try to go one-up among your peers or try to compete with others in grabbing credit.

Step 4: The personal interview is the fourth and most important stage. We had talked about this stage in our earlier blog posts here. You need to know how to answer the Interviewing officer or IO. Make sure you are well-dressed and friendly during the interview without being too casual.

Step 5: In the fifth or Conference stage, you will be asked general questions, like how was your time at the camp and the like. Candidates who are near to the cut but has not made it yet need to work harder because this is where you make it or don’t.

With confidence, a plan and our mentors at Siegwald Academy, you can make the most of an opportunity at SSB.

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