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5 Tips For Cracking SSB Interview

Service Selection Board or SSB is set up by the Defence Ministry of India. It is an organization through which the aspiring candidates can become an officer in Indian Armed Forces. It is the body that organizes and schedules cracking SSB interview. It comprises of two stages: Stage I and stage II, respectively. Physical tests and personality tests are also part of the entire selection phase.

5 Tips Mentioned Below Which Can Help You:

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

Regular practice will make you better and better day by day. It is always suggested to practice all the Psych Tests quite well from beforehand. This will help you to save a lot of time because, during these tests, there are time constraints. It is very important to converse in English with the interviewer. So it is always suggested to start practising English speaking earlier.

General Knowledge

Be a good reader and read newspapers regularly. You must have good knowledge and should be aware of what is happening in the world and in the nation. Generalized knowledge will not help you need to have detailed knowledge. You must have strong viewpoints on any given case and with the interviewing officer, you should be ready to have a good discussion on GK things.

The Coaching Dilemma

Many of you have a question about whether to join coaching or not. It is always suggested if you totally clueless about SSB training then it is better to attend good coaching. Also, it would be great for those who have someone to guide them, somebody who has good knowledge about SSB.

Dress Up

The first impression that the interviewer gets is by our outfit. It is very important to choose your outfit correctly. You should have a good sense of dressing appropriately based on the occasion.

Physical Fitness

You have to do many physical tasks and in order to complete those, which means, you have to have physically fit. In the beginning, you have to do these tasks for long hours which is definitely not so easy and is very exhausting but due to the high energy, you will not realise it. You need to be very careful of the way you walk, talk and sit. Do not give a lazy look. It is always suggested to do some exercises and running regularly in order to stay physically fit.

The SSB interview is considered as one of the most difficult interviews in India and one needs to have great preparations in order to crack it. One can refer to Siegwald Academy for SSB Interview coaching so as to understand the fundamentals. It provides probably the SSB coaching in Eastern India.

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