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A Must Watch For Defence Aspirants URI The Surgical Strike

While real life inspires art, like cinema, the reverse is true as well. There are many films which have inspired people to bring about a change in their real lives. Defence aspirants love to watch movies that portray the defence forces in a brave, patriotic light. One such movie which is still a favourite among defence aspirants is the Hrithik Roshan starrer Lakshya. It inspired many to sign up for the army because of various different reasons.

But that was a long time back! Since then, very few movies have been able to make a mark with youngsters who wish to join the defence academies. However, that lack was filled up with the release of the Vicky Kaushal movie, Uri, the Surgical Strike. As the name goes, the movie is based on the dastardly killings of Indian army personnel by terrorists in Uri, a place in Jammu and Kashmir. After their killings, the Indian Army launched an attack deep into Pakistan occupied territory, returning fire with fire.

There are several reasons why Uri, the Surgical Strike is a must-watch movie for defence candidates. Setting aside the cinematic aspects of this movie, some other highlights of the film which can inspire candidates is the patriotic light in which army personnel have been shown, including their families. The movie is a tribute to the families of defence personnel because of the empathetic portrayal. If you wish to join the Army, you should be prepared to live such a life, away from family and friends and ready at a moment’s notice to drop everything and risk your life for the country.

The movie will also show defence enthusiasts how a military operation is planned and carried out. They will know what happens behind the scenes and how precisely everything needs to be sorted before putting boots on the ground. Through this movie, you will know that it is not necessary for people to be in their uniforms to serve the country. The Army often involves locals and informants to carry out operations. They are as important as the people in uniform, with guns.

Uri, the Surgical Strike will fill you with a rich patriotic fervour which will help you remain motivated to work for a career in the Indian Army.  

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