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Are You Medically Fit For SSB Success

It takes a lot of effort to clear the written tests for SSB. Months, sometimes years, are needed in prep work for the written tests. Then there are the personality interviews and tests at SSB centers. This four or five-day sessions are equally taxing, if not more. It is after gruelling sessions of interviews, group discussions and psychology tests that a few candidates are able to go ahead. However, there are about 30% of the cases where candidates are permanently rejected even after clearing the personal interview round.

This is due to medical parameters. Candidates who do not meet the rigorous and lofty medical standards necessary for aspirants of Indian defence forces are rejected. If the medical problem is something that cannot be fixed or cured, they are permanently rejected. Such candidates, as is obvious, cannot take the SSB tests anymore because they will not be clearing the medical round anyway. So there is little point in taking that route. Sometimes, the medical problem is solvable and candidates are given a bit of time to resolve it and then appear for the medical board again.

Some problems like a fatty liver grade II, which cannot be reversed, is a cause for a candidate to be rejected. Similarly, candidates have been rejected on grounds like a spinal anomaly. It may be a faulty aligning or some joints in the limbs as well. When such medical problems are detected during the medical tests, any candidate will feel heart-broken. After all, their hard work and toil amounts to nothing and they have been rooting for success without knowing that failure was always standing on their route.

To ensure that such heartbreaks are not written on your path, you need to get a medical check-up done according to the medical specifications outlined by the defence services. What is the point in studying hard and cracking the written tests only to know later that you don’t qualify medically? Instead, get the medical check-ups done and get the doctor to ascertain that your physical state matches the demands of the Indian defence forces. Only then you should proceed to prepare for SSB. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed and lose a few prime years of your life as well in a futile pursuit.

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