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NDA -the three letters of ultimate success and pride, echoes in every job seekers heart and soul. The urge to achieve that goal strikes in you as soon as you hear it. You might have seen or read a lot of success stories and must have applied their way to achieving success, but somehow it didn’t work out. Well, success doesn’t really depend upon how your inspirer has followed his or her strategies; it can differ from person to person. And for that, anyone would need a personal guidance with hands-on experience. It’s sad but true that most of the training institutes we rely upon might not provide us that extra care for individuals, there are hardly a few institutions which provide. Siegwald Academy is one such Institution that’s popular among masses who provides extra care taken to shape up each and every student who are willing to take the entire NDA training and succeed in it.

A reputed career is always what everybody dreams for, and in our nation, NDA is the ‘hallmark of global excellence’ in terms of military education. The future leaders of the Armed Forces learn their baby steps, get nurtured, upskilled, groomed and trained thoroughly. So it’s pretty tough to get into the renowned institution. Siegwald Academy steps in at this point where it takes the initiative to turn all the dreamers to doers. The Academy is very well equipped with latest technologies, classrooms, proper training essentials and of course, it stands out of the crowd as the powerhouse of knowledge modeled to upskill each and every job seeker who wish to get their name enlisted in reputed sectors of the nation.


The bountiful facilities provided by Siegwald Academy helps the students to learn, train and grow their mind, brain, and soul in order to achieve the goal. It has got both the indoor and outdoor facilities, with a pool of highly experienced faculty of trained professionals who shape them with utmost care. Because, it is not just the exams that need to be tackled; but it also counts the physical, moral and mental attributes that are required to face the challenges of the future and also in real time. The plan of action, mission, and presence of mind, body, and soul are of paramount necessity for the NDA. Big brains, strong heart, and brave soul are what it requires to ‘Serve Before Self’ and Siegwald Academy abides by the Academy Motto of NDA.

Every Course at Siegwald Academy, especially the defense courses and coaching starts with a proper counseling session. Followed by professional training, like professional SSB Training and Written Coaching. All the training are instructor based coaching methods with hands-on experience to all the requirements of NDA. The regular classes and Weekend Classes are organized keeping the flexibility for all types of students, enabling a convenient and suitable timing for their respective preparation strategies. Psychological Testing, Group Testing, Interviews are conducted along with up-to-date study materials that ensures the students stay updated with the latest patterns of questions. Regular Classes includes short course and long course both of which encompass overall latest syllabus for NDA. Mock test, doubt clearing classes, mock interviews are available for making the students ready for NDA. Ex SSB President, GTO’s, psychologists from the Army and other pool of trained and experienced professionals are always there to guide each and every student.

Siegwald Academy conducts NDA training in Jharkhand, NDA training in Odisha, Bihar, Manipur and of course NDA training in West Bengal. No doubt the NDA training in Jharkhand, Bihar, Manipur, West Bengal, and many other places are conducted in these places because most of the NDA enthusiasts resides in every nooks and corner of these areas, only they need is a proper helping hand. Join NDA training with Siegwald Academy and be the pride of the nation!

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