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Beat The Nerves Before SSB Interview

When you are facing an interview that can propel your otherwise mediocre life into something spectacular, you are bound to be nervous. Ask any famous sportsperson, leader, author, just about anybody – they will tell you that they feel nervous during big moments. And what could be a bigger moment for an SSB aspirant than the interview round? So, a little bit of nervousness is actually natural and even good for you. It keeps you on your toes, enticing a better performance out of you.

However, if you become a bundle of nerves that tie you down, you will be unable to hold up a performance that gets you over the clearance hurdle. All those months, even years, of hard work will come to nothing if you become too nervous by the enormity of the occasion. In this blog, after consulting our experienced SSB mentors at Siegwald Academy, we are compiling some tips that will help you beat the blues before SSB interviews.

Firstly, you have to get into a groove of thinking positively. Self-help books keep telling you that positive thinking has the power to catapult you into success. They are actually right, to an extent! If you picture yourself giving that perfect interview and getting selected, rather than worrying what would happen if you fail, you get into a better frame of mind to do well.

Secondly, don’t get desperate in your attempt to think positively. It is one thing to be thinking positively about favourable results and quite another to get delusional. Desperation is never good when you go to do something that requires a calm head and emotional stability. After all, those are the main qualities that the assessing officers are testing through the interview. If you come across as desperate to succeed, they will catch whiff of that quickly.

Thirdly, have a plan B in place. What would you do if you actually don’t make it? This plan B gives you a sort of cushion that stops you from being desperate or too negative about the interview process. You always know at the back of your mind that you have a fallback plan. That is a good comfort zone to have, and helps you perform fearlessly, another quality assessing officers like to see in candidates.

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