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Beginners Guide To SSB Rounds

SSB stands for Service Selection Board. If you wish to be a part of the Indian defence services, be it the Army, the Navy for the Air Force, you need to earn the approval of this board. Candidates who wish to join the Army or the other flanks have to take written tests like the NDA, the AFCAT or the CDS. When they clear the written test, they are called for a round of interviews and personality assessments, including medical check up, by the SSB. Candidates cracking the written tests have to appear before the SSB, which eventually gives the selected candidate a ticket to the training institutes of Indian defence services.

The work of the SSB can be broadly classified into three segments: intelligence tests, personality review and interviews. This evaluation process can last about 5 or 6 days. There are stages through this process. Candidates who fail to qualify are allowed to leave the facility. The assessing officers on the panel are serving under the Indian Armed Forces. So they know very well what kind of candidates they need on their team. The panel of assessors consists of a psychologist as well. The aim of the panel is clear: the select the best among the candidates who have appeared before the SSB.

So where do you have to go for the SSB rounds? There are 13 SSB units across the country. There are 4 each for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. 5 centers are there for the Indian Navy. The Indian Army units are present in cities like Allahabad, Bhopal and Bangalore. The Indian Air Force has SSB boards in cities like Gandhi Nagar, Dehradun and Mysore. For the Indian Navy, you will have to head for cities like Bangalore, Bhopal or Coimbatore, among two more.

There are mainly two stages of SSB rounds. The first stage is about intelligence rating, description test and picture perception. The second stage is about psychology test, group testing officer (GTO) task, conference and the all-important interview. Every stage is crucial for the aspiring candidate and requires careful prep work and planning. You have to know the rounds well and have a definite plan of action. can help you with that.

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