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Common Mistakes To Avoid In PPDT Round

PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Test. This is a round where you have to narrate your impressions of pictures shown to you. This is followed by a story which you have to narrate. During this narration, you get to talk entirely on your own, with no interruptions. This is the opportunity for you to walk away with the credit and impress the assessors. However, this is also a time when mistakes are common, especially for candidates who come to this round unprepared.

In This Post, We Are Outlining Some Mistakes Which Candidates Can Avoid:

Confidence: While narrating a story, or during discussions, you have to hold your confidence. Signs of nervousness can derail your performance. You will be induced into making a mistake or get aggressive to control the situation. Your confidence will help you immensely. There are so many variables that are embedded in the process. Any one of them can go wrong. You have to be mentally prepared.

Knowledge: You have to expand your knowledge by reading more books. A common mistake is to watch films and shows to develop creative ideas. That is not really a good option because such works of fiction can fill your mind with ideas that are problematic. Instead, reading books can help you visualize the written word, and in turn, the pictures shown to you in the PPDT round.

Communication: In terms of communication, you need to be on your toes all the time. Firstly, you have to master English. There is the option of talking in Hindi, but that is mostly on paper. The assessing officer may not understand your Hindi. Moreover, there are other candidates as well, coming from all corners of the country. They can only communicate in one common language: English. Students weak in English are in a precarious position.

Body Language: How you talk is as important as how you are talking. Your non-verbal gestures matter a lot. Students often do not know where to keep their hands or how to stand erect. They may talk in a slouched manner. Students may get aggressive towards other candidates to be heard above the others. Such body language can damage your prospects.

With these skills, you can make a better show at the PPDT round of SSB exams.

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