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Feedback Crucial For Self Description Test Of SSB

In the interview rounds of SSB, there is a test called the self description test or SDT. As is evident, in this test, you will be asked to give honest feedback about yourself. In a general context, when you asked to talk about yourself, you are likely to present a rosy picture of yourself, citing all your good traits and phrasing your weak points in a way that they come off as positive qualities!

However, in the context of SSB, you cannot do that kind of trickery with words because experienced assessing officers are listening to every word you utter. They can quickly spot a fake picture of a personality. When they do that, your attempt to crack SSB ends there! So, you need to be actually honest with your SDT and reveal your personality traits, even when they are negative to a degree. If you feel that you have qualities that can put off assessing officers, work on developing your personality better rather than working on a better answer to hoodwink them.

The first and probably the best way to approach SDT is to ask your family, friends and peers, even colleagues at work, about yourself. Assure them beforehand that you are asking them only because you trust them to speak frankly. The point is not to look for praise or flattery. The point is to understand your personality better than you already do. Because you cannot be objective in assessing yourself, you are asking them for a 360 degree view. Do not be satisfied with standard responses like “You have leadership qualities”. Probe them about examples when they saw you display such qualities. This will help you sort through unsubstantiated words from the actual meaningful feedback.

You Can Work On Your Own Feedback By Asking Yourself Questions Like:

What words describe my best qualities?
What words describe my worst qualities?
What do I do best?
What I don’t do well?
What effect I have on people’s lives?

This will give you a brief idea of where you stand in terms of SDT. You can work with our SSB mentors at the best SSB training institute of Kolkata, Siegwald Academy

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