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Guide To Prepare For NDA Examination From Class 12th

Students today have whole lot of options to follow any job route after passing their higher secondary exams. The military industry has some of the most exciting job options for these candidates who are set to complete their 12th-grade exams. Because of the enticing employment options it offers, aspiring candidates in the 12th grade are already familiar with the National Defense Academy, or NDA. This is a fantastic chance for all aspiring youngsters who want to join the Indian military.

We have thus included some important material below for your review in order to provide additional clarity on this specific topic of how to start preparing for the NDA tests in your 12th grade.

What precisely is the NDA examination?

This national admission test is administered by the University Public Service Commission, or UPSC (NDA). Students may be enrolled in the National Defense Academy, which is located in Khadakwasla, Pune, based on their performance in this test. Once they pass the 12th-grade test, all pupils, including female applicants, are eligible to take the exam. There are many stages to the test. Additionally, it takes place twice a year. The examination starts with a written test, followed by an interview. After that, you must pass the medical test in order to be accepted into the NDA.

Students must study diligently to pass the test and get admission to the National Defense Academy because thousands of applicants will show up for the exam. Therefore, foundational courses are offered to help students improve their optimism and willpower in order to inspire and urge them to show up for exams with confidence. NDA Coaching in Kolkata buttresses their efforts.

Who is qualified to sit for the NDA exam?

The candidate must be an Indian citizen and meet the minimum age requirement of 12.

It is possible to apply for admission to the National Defense Academy’s army wing if you are taking the 12th-grade test or have already finished it in any stream.

The National Defense Academy’s Air Force and Navy divisions will enroll select students who are taking or have passed mathematics and physics exams for the 12th grade.

The age range for eligibility will be between 16 and a half and 19 and a half.

A general aptitude exam and mathematics will be included in the curriculum. An applicant must be unmarried to apply for the exams. Before admission, candidates are extensively screened for physical and mental fitness.

The mathematics subject curriculum for the NDA test

For mathematics subject alone, in the NDA exam, there are a total of 300 marks available. This maths test consists of 120 objective-type questions. Before preparing for an exam, sample papers and model papers of the genuine questions from the previous year and the most recent exam format must be verified. The more questions you correctly answer, the more likely you are to get the highest possible score on the examination. NDA Coaching Centre in Kolkata trains you on that part to strengthen your abilities.

The NDA’s general aptitude test syllabus

This component of the general aptitude exam is divided into sections on English and general knowledge.

The remaining questions will be from general knowledge, and 50 will be from English-related areas. In this phase, the pupil will respond to 150 objective questions.

Some of the important topics, including geography, social studies, general science, chemistry, physics, and current events, are taught in general knowledge.

NDA GAT Curriculum

English and general knowledge are the two sub-sections of the General Ability Test (GAT) on the NDA written test.

There are 150 objective questions in the GAT segment, 50 of which are in English, and the other 100 are general knowledge questions.

Questions from physics, chemistry, general science, social studies, geography, and current events are included in the general knowledge section.

Tips to prepare for the NDA starting in grade 12

The individual taking the exams must be thorough in their scholastic course. The majority of the ideas covered by the NDA syllabus are connected to the courses studied in various 12th-grade programs. It is simpler for students to become ready for the NDA test if they take a comprehensive approach to their studying process. Additionally, if one has good communication skills and awareness of current events, it will be easy to respond to the related questions in the NDA exam. So, get trained from the best NDA Coaching Centre in Kolkata.

English proficiency and communication skills

A strong command of the language will help the student be competent in finding the proper answers more quickly, even though the test is split into two categories—general aptitude and mathematics.

After the written tests, the SSB interview is another crucial stage where your command of the English language can benefit you.

General knowledge

The written examinations will focus on the social awareness of the candidate and his or her up-to-date knowledge about current affairs. Most of the examination questions will be based on topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. The general aptitude exam often includes these three topics.

It will be simpler for students to pass the general aptitude exam if they are well-versed in both national and worldwide events.

Logical thinking

Some of the thorough study methods and approaches necessary for any defense examination include logical thinking, general intelligence, and military aptitude. This is true of the NDA as well. The SSB conducts interviews and selects candidates with general intelligence. It would be simpler for you to respond to these questions during the SSB interview if you are strong at problem-solving and analytical thinking. Knowing about the military proceedings always increases a candidate’s chance of selection.

The commanding officer attitude of a candidate is always valued and welcomed by the interviewer. NDA Coaching Centre in Kolkata trains you on that part too. Siegwald Academy provides the greatest foundation training to help driven students refine their skill sets so as to join the NDA by passing this exam.

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