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How To Crack The English Part Of NDA 2019

As NDA enthusiasts would know, the first exam of NDA 2019 is about to be conducted. So candidates must be preparing at the peak of their prowess. In this post, we are looking at some of the tips and tricks to get the English part of the question paper correct. The idea is to score as much as possible in this section, so that your overall performance doesn’t take a hit if you don’t do that well in the other parts of the question paper.

Our NDA mentors here at Siegwald Academy always advise students to take the English part seriously. Many candidates feel that because they are proficient in the language and use it for daily communication, they will be able to crack the questions easily. However, the hard fact is that knowing everyday English is not the same as answering the questions asked in the NDA exams. You will need a clear and precise concept of grammar rules and a large vocabulary in order to get the answers correct. Since negative marking is a factor, you cannot rely entirely on guesses.

You know that developing an in-depth knowledge of grammar and vocabulary doesn’t happen in a day. You will have to bring out grammar books and start brushing up your age-old knowledge. Complacency here will hurt you badly. In the same vein, always read with a dictionary by your side. Find out the meanings of words immediately. This is where reading newspapers come in very handy. They help you brush up English as well as prepare your current affairs knowledge.

While you read English newspapers, try to do some basic tests for yourself through mock question papers. Error finding, synonyms and antonyms, idioms and comprehension exercises are some of the areas you should focus on. You will get a clear idea if you pull out the question papers of the previous years. The questions in English and other subjects follow a definite pattern. You will be able to identify them and use them to your advantage if you study carefully. The more you familiarize yourself with the mock test papers, the more confident you will feel.

Our mentors at Siegwald Academy are also available for last-minute suggestions to help you crack the NDA in 2019.

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