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How To Handle Personal Questions At Interview Of SSB

The interview stage of SSB exams is a crucial stage. During this interview, the assessing officer gets a closer look at your personality, your thoughts, your views and how you respond to situations, especially when they are uncomfortable. There are several personal questions asked during this stage. Sometimes, the officer will ask several personal questions at one flow, disrupting your flow of thoughts. They may even be intended to confuse you. You need to rally your thoughts together and respond in a professional, firm manner.

In this post, we are discussing personal questions which you may be asked during the interview stage of SSB. There are generic questions asked, like your name or the place you belong, moving on to your likes, dislikes, and even political views. Questions are also asked about your family and how close you are to them, or otherwise! There is a set of questions about your friends and what you think of them, coupled with what you perceive they might think of you. Finally, there are intimate questions like your love life, your relationships, thoughts on marriage and the like.

While you may feel that a job interviewer has little right to ask you many such questions, this is the format of the interview at SSB and if you feel uncomfortable or outraged, you may deny answering some questions. That is very much within your right. But for other general questions, you should answer them frankly and with some degree of perspective. Remember that your personality is what needs to shine through the answers. If you sound pompous or arrogant or even have a very dim view of yourself, your chances of clearing this stage are not very bright.

The officer asking the questions expect that you are the best person to know yourself. So, questions with insight about your personality should invite deep, thoughtful answers. Trivial and shallow answers don’t cut much traction with assessing officers. They are interviewing hundreds of candidates every single year, year after year. They can see through your web of words clearly. Experts at Siegwald Academy who provide the best training for SSB exams always advise you to speak with a degree of truth. When you answer with conviction, that confidence shines through. That is what the assessors want to find in your answers.

A good amount of practice at home is mandatory. Think about what you will answer and work on the words you will use to portray yourself. Honesty and dignity in the answers will take you through to the next level at SSB exams.

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