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How To Handle Stress Before SSB Interview

Any milestone that opens up a number of options is bound to put you under severe stress. It is no different for SSB candidates waiting for the interview round. During classes at Siegwald Academy, the best SSB training institute in Kolkata, aspiring candidates often ask mentors what they should do to counter stress when they wait for their chance at the SSB interview round. This is a crucial time because what happens next decides your future. So you are under a lot of fire to perform. Your anxiety hits the roof.

There are some measures that you can take to handle stress during this critical time. Firstly, you can spend some time talking to other candidates around you. Of course, you have to check before you start a conversation. People have their own ways of handling stress, so the candidate you approach to talk may not be comfortable with it. When you chat with others, it gives you perspective and brings your focus back into the room.

Think about pleasant times or your journey to the chair you are sitting on. Pleasant thoughts help fight stress like nothing else. Similarly, thinking of the struggles you have countered on the way will help you reaffirm your determination. But don’t go about expecting too much from yourself. That will bring on performance anxiety, your greatest hurdle to performing better. Think of this round as another step to be in the defence forces. Boost your confidence and tell yourself that if you could crack the written test to reach the SSB interview round, you can get past this as well.

Reading something, a book or a newspaper, can be stress busting. It will take your mind off the immediate moment ahead of you and help you relax. It will improve your focus and concentration as you would need both during the interview. Reading will help you calm down and put the right thoughts in your mind. It will ensure that your thinking is not chaotic but organized. Reading has many other advantages that will help you fight stress.

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