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English is the second most popular language in the world, right after Chinese. In a country like India, where multiple languages are spoken by millions of people, with little or no similarity between them, English acts as a sort of level playing field. In the SSB Group Discussion or GD round, you will be expected to communicate in English. The other candidates may not understand your mother tongue, or even Hindi, and the same might apply to you. So English is the preferred language of communication.

The Problem
English is not the mother tongue for any Indian, so to speak. It is only natural that you have to convert or translate your original thoughts in this language in order to communicate. Without proper practice, you will be fumbling for words. Sometimes, you will end up making controversial or offensive comments simply because you don’t have the required words in your vocabulary to effectively say things in a politically correct language. That is why you must have good command over spoken English for the GD round.

The Solution
There are many ways of improving your spoken English if you really want to. But these methods are time specific and you cannot rush them. You will require quite some time to grab the basics and then go on to speak fluently. Here are some tips from our SSB experts at the best SSB training institute of Kolkata, Siegwald Academy:

Watching English news channels, TV shows and movies are the first step. Speaking and listening are combined abilities, just like reading and writing. Watch and listen to English programs whenever you are free. Try to grasp the meaning of the words you are listening to, because you already know the context. It will train your language senses to speak well if you continuously listen to English.

Read English newspapers and books whenever you read something. Reading will improve your vocabulary and provide your brain with more words, synonyms and antonyms. It will help you learn to frame sentences correctly.

Speak in English as much as possible. No matter how much you listen or read English, unless you actually speak English, you cannot get a good command over it. Talk to your friends and teachers in English, and with anyone who knows the language.

We hope these tips will help you improving English for SSB Group Discussion.

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