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How To Leap From AFCAT To AFSB

After cracking the AFCAT exam, candidates get hopeful about joining the defence forces more than
ever. Before they get through the opening door, they are a little apprehensive about their ability to
actually make it through. Once they get through the first hurdle, their hopes fly higher. To take the
leap of faith from AFCAT to AFSB, you need loads of confidence and experienced mentors to help
you with this round of examinations. In this post,

We Are Highlighting Some Areas Where You Need To
Focus In Order To Make This Leap Count.

Firstly, you must remember that AFSB may be similar to SSB in terms of exam structure, the former
takes candidates through a more rigorous testing phase before selecting them. The reason is that
the Air Forces employ the latest equipment and technology and they need responsible, mature and
trained professionals for the job.

As is evident, they will look for these qualities in your candidature
when they are taking you through the tests. So that’s the number one priority for you: ensure that
your true persona shines through instead of projecting a perceived image of yourself that is not true
to your character. The officers evaluating you are doing this for years! They will see through your act
in a matter of seconds.


Make it a habit of talking in a group of four or five people. They could be your friends or
colleagues. You have to develop the habit of talking to a group of people, hearing them and being
heard. In the GD or group discussion stage, this will be crucial to your selection.
Thirdly, read your newspapers daily.

This habit will serve two-fold functions. Number one, you will
be aware of the current affairs and burning topics of the day. Number two, you will become well-
versed in the language, both written and spoken. You will be subjected to reading comprehension
tests and your vocabulary and analytical skills will be tested. Reading newspapers will help you grow
both skills and prepare you well for what is to come.

Fourthly, stop watching movies! Fiction in the form of video ignites your imagination into creating a
make-belief world of your own, far removed from the realities of life. During the tests, you need to
talk about your everyday reality, your life, views and choices. You cannot do that with conviction if
your imagination running all over the place with augmented reality.
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