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How To Stay Motivated After SSB Failure

Something that every aspirant needs to understand is that the probability of SSB failure is quite high. There are thousands of candidates applying and they are doing so because they believe in their ability to crack the written and interview rounds.

While competing with candidates with varying strengths and capabilities, you may fall short. However, that does not mean that you quit trying. After all, being in the defence services means that you have to keep trying despite repeated failure. During your entry to the hallowed services, if you cannot show these qualities, how good an officer would you be anyway?

Many SSB repeaters feel that the assessing officers look down upon them. This notion comes from the fact that the repeating aspirants are grouped separately. You need to understand that this is done to give the freshers equal opportunity to make a crack at passing the interview rounds. This is not to discriminate against the repeaters. In fact, if you perform well with motivation as a repeater, such a quality can go in your favour rather than against.

The initial few days and weeks right after being rejected at the SSB interviews can feel very humiliating. You will suffer from self-doubt, leading to thoughts of uselessness. Many aspirants have no plan B so when their plan A of cracking SSB does not materialize, they can left all at sea. There are ways of staying motivated during this phase. Some tips you can follow are:

  • Assess your performance immediately after getting back home. This is the time when everything is fresh in your mind and you can remember small details and identify areas where you can improve. Share your thoughts with experienced SSB mentors like you would find at the best SSB training institute in Kolkata, Siegwald Academy
  • After identifying your weak areas, start off on a routine and develop a structured way of studying. Remember that Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) are equally important and you cannot develop them overnight. Make a conscious effort everyday and that is how you bring positivity into personality.
  • Keep a plan B ready. Rejection in SSB does not mean you are worthless. It only means that you may be lacking in some quality desired in defence personnel. With the qualities you have, you can make a success of your life even without SSB. Such a plan B will keep you relaxed during SSB interviews.

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