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How To Stay Motivated Despite SSB Failures

Our experienced SSB exam mentors at often come across candidates who have not been able to clear the SSB after repeated attempts. Many of these candidates keep trying till their cut-off age is touched. This period, however, is quite tough for the candidates. It is almost impossible to stay motivated in the face of such failure. But if you give up, you will never be able to crack SSB. In this post, we are outlining some suggestions of our SSB mentors to stay motivated during these years of failure. 

First up, you should try to develop your personality. If you think that being on your best self for the 5 days of SSB interviews will get you a recommendation, you are wrong. SSB assessing officers are trained to pick out candidates faking their personalities to look better or smarter. They will quickly see through your veil and leave you high and dry. Instead, work on the Officer Like Qualities or OLQs every single day. If you are working somewhere while you keep trying for SSB, showcase those qualities in that organization. It will keep you motivated. 

Secondly, keep the fitness goals high. You can aspire for marathon running or sports as a hobby. This is not just for fitness. A fit body will hold a fit mind. Running or swimming will burn away the negative thoughts from your mind which tell you to quit trying. 

Thirdly, keep reading and preparing yourself for the general knowledge section and group discussions. Do not while away your time thinking that you will manage it all in the last 3 months. Keep reading and forming opinions. Opinion does not mean biased, one-sided view of things. Open up your mind for various diverse ideas, even in the political sphere. When you aim to improve your mind, you cannot get disheartened. 

A good trick to stay motivated is to keep in touch with your peers who are also trying to crack the SSB. At a SSB training institute in Kolkata like, you will find compatriots. By sharing your stories, you can inspire each other. Joining such an academy will help you to fine-tune your strategy and skills, along with learning from the experience of SSB specialists. 

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