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Lessons To Learn From SSB Failures For Next Attempt

We have already written about the percentage of candidates who don’t get through SSB in the first attempt. Sometimes, multiple attempts become futile, too. There is nothing to be ashamed of about failure in SSB. Instead of doubting yourself after SSB Failure attempt, you should get back to the drawing board in your mind and figure out the lessons learnt so that you are better equipped for the challenge next time.

3 Lessons That Every Candidate Should Learn From SSB Failures:

Be Inspired, Don’t Imitate

Many SSB candidates who fail to make the cut try to imitate the candidates who were successful in front of their eyes. In the next attempt, their imitation comes to the fore rather than the person that they really are. As a result, they are unable to hold up their assumed personality for long, especially because the SSB rounds are developed to spot fake personas. You can draw inspiration from successful candidates but do not imitate what they are doing. Add your touch to how you want to project yourself. That is what impresses the assessing officers.

Be Aware of Reality
It is a colossal mistake to assume why you went wrong in the failed SSB rounds. You can share your views and experiences with a qualified SSB mentor like the ones we have at However, you will make a mistake if you try to assess your own performance. You need objectivity that an experienced mentor can provide. That does not mean you will ask just about anyone who cares to listen! That will fill up your mind with the wrong ideas and you will end up with another failed attempt. Be aware of the reality through a mentor’s views.

Holistic Approach
A crucial lesson to learn from SSB failure is that there is no singular factor that has led to your rejection. The SSB rounds are developed to evaluate your personality and performance holistically. It is not about one aspect that you can change and be ready to crack it the next time around! Successful candidates may tell you about a quality that has got them through but truly, they are not in a position to actually pinpoint that quality! So do not be misled by this approach.

For more ideas and suggestions on cracking SSB, get in touch with our SSB experts.

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