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Lies To Avoid During SSB Interview

On first thought, you might get shocked at the idea that candidates can lie during such a crucial interview! But this is sadly a fact. Candidates often resort to false claims during the personal interview round of SSB. They feel that these false claims will impress the interviewing officer (IO) and help them clear the interview round. However, this notion is far from reality. Interviewing officers in the SSB interview round have years of experience of doing this kind of thing. They can spot a false claim from miles away!

It is important to know about some lies that candidates are tempted to use during SSB interview. We are not suggesting that you were thinking about using them. But the fact remains that you must know about them so that you are conscious about these points and how they might adversely affect your chances.

Firstly, don’t lie about your personality. Many candidates feel that if they talk about themselves in a very glorified manner, it will impress the IO. These candidates talk about themselves as being leaders in their school or being class monitor. Other examples could be claims that they worked for NGOs or taught slum children. Some may even claim to have won local bravery awards! Remember that whatever you claim will not be taken for face value. The IO in front of you will see through your maze of lies, unless they are actually true and shines through in your personality.

Secondly, candidates often feel that if they portray themselves as extraordinary in sports, it will help them fare better in the interview round. Such candidates jot down fictitious details about sporting achievements in their PIQ forms. Remember that whatever you write here must be substantiated with certificates of merit. Unless you have them, there’s really no point writing about them! Also, bear in mind that sports is a good add-on for candidates but it is not mandatory to be a great sportsperson in order to crack SSB.

Finally, quit thinking that only extraordinary candidates go for the SSB interviews. When you give up thinking like that, you become more confident of who you are and the lies die down by themselves. Show your actual side and that is so much better than a fake persona which the IO will identify instantly.

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