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New Year Resolutions For Defence Services Aspirants

Being a soldier is not a time-bound job. Once you are in the defence services, you have to be a soldier round the clock. It does not mean that you have to be on the job 24×7. It means that you need to carry the personality of a soldier all the time. And that cannot happen overnight. After clearing the defence services, you need to start training to be a soldier. Life will be very tough for you unless you have some sort of prep work done before you actually walk through the hallowed gates of a defence academy.

With this idea in mind, our expert mentors at Siegwald Academy has come up with some New Year resolutions that will help you prepare yourself to be a soldier in the defence forces.

Live the Life

This New Year, resolve to live the life of a soldier. You need to inculcate habits that you know are a part and parcel of a soldier’s life. For example, waking up early, exercising regularly, maintaining personal hygiene in terms of timely haircuts and shaves, all of these go a long way into attuning you to the life that you aspire to live after cracking entrance tests to defence forces. Such habits get you into the role that will be yours for a major part of your life.

Develop a Personality

A wise resolution this New Year would be to work on your personality. We have written extensively on this blog about the importance of developing a personality that will impress Assessing Officers when you appear for personal interviews. Surely you know that you cannot build a striking personality one fine morning! You have to work on yourself for months and years. Faking will hardly help because the officers assessing you are doing this job for years. So they know what’s genuine and what’s not.

Utilize the Time

While you prepare for your tests, don’t while away the time. Make this your New Year resolution. A good idea here would be to limit your time on the social media networks. Instead meet friends in person and talk with them or discuss issues in groups. Instead of relying on social networks, read newspapers for information. It will help you develop language comprehension and fill your mind with balanced views and reporting.

Siegwald Academy hopes that you will crack through the exams this year!

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