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Reasons Why Shortcuts Do not Work In SSB

No one can deny that shortcuts are quite attractive, even though most know that little can be achieved through such means. 

In SSB rounds, candidates often turn up without proper preparations. The reason is that they feel confident after cracking the written test. They are so upbeat that they fail to realize that the percentage of candidates unable to make the SSB interview rounds is quite high. So you have to bring your A game to the table in order to impress the assessing officers of the SSB rounds. 

The question of shortcuts is something that crops up in the candidates’ minds all the time. The reason is simple: much of the SSB interview rounds depend on your personality. When it comes to the question of personality, people are under the impression that they have a sound one which will be good enough to see them through. How wrong they are!

The assessing officers are handling SSB rounds for years, or more. They are more than capable of identifying candidates who are there with fake confidence, banking high on shortcuts. Believe our SSB experts of Siegwald Academy when they say that such candidates are already on the way out. Instead, if you try to work hard before landing at the military academy for SSB interviews, you have a much better chance of making it work. 

The ideal way is to start preparing the moment you receive the SSB call letter. Draw up a plan of action, allotting time for everything that needs your attention. In this planning, you have to lay focus on personality development, like we have been writing on this blog for a while now. Officer Like Qualities (OLQs) which the assessing officers are continuously searching for should be inculcated if you don’t have them already. It is wrong to assume that if you don’t have particular traits of personality then you won’t be able to get through SSB. 

Always keep in mind that the assessing officers are not looking at any particular quality. They are looking at the holistic picture. When they see your hard work and effort, they will be swayed. The idea is to convince them that you can be a good officer of the defence services if given a chance. And you cannot do that through shortcuts. 

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