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Salary Allowances Benefits Etc All That A Fighter Pilot Gets

A fighter pilot is destined to be special. They defend their motherland from all attacks of the enemy from air and ensure that we remain safe in a war scenario. The career of a fighter pilot is thus suitably rewarding too.

SSB coaching in Eastern India covers all aspects of the examination which a future fighter pilot would aspire for. Enrolling at a good institution like Siegwald Academy will ensure that you accomplish the dream of becoming a fighter pilot.

Benefits Of A Fighter Pilot

A fighter pilot gets numerous benefits which include a lucrative salary package, medical benefits and a range of other allowances. SSB interview coaching prepares you for the career in Indian Air Force and gets you the benefits that follow.

Pre-Commission Benefits

A monthly stipend of Rs 56,100/- is admissible during the one year training period at any of the Air Force Training Institution.

Salary And Allowance Benefits

After the completion of the training, the successful candidates are placed in the pay band of 56,100- 1,10,700. In addition, military service pay of Rs 15,500 is also admissible on a monthly basis. They also get a range of other allowances like transport, children education allowance along with HRA as applicable.

In addition to these allowances, the newly commissioned officers in technical and flying branches also get technical and flying allowances accordingly.

Other Benefits

Air force aspirants who have undergone training at premier SSB coaching institutions like Siegwald Academy are also eligible for other added benefits which include:

Insurance Cover

The air force officers are insured with an amount up to Rs 75 Lakh which is in addition to the Rs 10 Lakh insurance coverage for all the pilots.


Fighter pilots are eligible for a number of loans too. Some of these include home building loans, computer loans and conveyance loans. The pilots can get these loans at less interest rate in comparison to non-defense sector employees.

Medical Benefits

Air force employees are also eligible for a range of medical benefits. They get free/subsidized treatment at army hospitals. In addition, the army hospitals also have tie-ups with leading medical institutions in case specialized treatment is needed.

Additional Benefits

Air force pilots also get 60 days of annual leave in addition to casual leaves of 20 days every year. Rail concession and CSD facilities are also provided to air force pilots at their place of posting.

The air force pilot career is quite lucrative and proper professional coaching and guidance is the key to success which ensures a worthy career in the long run.

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