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The Beginners Guide For NDA Entrance Aspirants

For many, being of service to the nation is their only goal in life. However, that is not the only drive that thrusts millions of youngsters to take the NDA or National Defence Academy entrance examination every year. After studying at the institutes run by the Indian defence services, you will end up as a consummate professional, with very high efficiency and professionalism. So, the lure of cracking the NDA entrance exam is high among students who have completed their plus 2 level exams.

Let’s talk about the eligibility criteria first. As it was mentioned in the lines above, you need to qualify through your plus 2 level exams before you can apply for the NDA entrance test. The age should be between 16 and half years to 19 years at the time of applying. The test is held twice a year, once in April and then again in September. You will get to know about the dates of a particular year through information published in popular dailies and papers like Employment News.

When you apply for the NDA entrance test, you will have to make a choice among the three wings of the Indian defence system: the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. You approach and the way your application is handled and treated will be different for these three wings. For example, if you choose to apply for the Air Force wing, you will be asked to take a pilot aptitude battery test at one of the ASFB and AF medical tests at establishments or institutes of aviation medicine.

You should know that when you complete your course at any of the three wings, you will be awarded a graduation degree. The quantum of the degree depends on what courses you study at the college level. If you are into the technical division, you will be awarded an engineering degree after completion of the course.

The test itself is of 300 marks in Mathematics and 600 marks in General Ability.

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