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The Checklist Of Gentlemanly Conduct At SSB Centres

Very few defence service exam academies prepare you for life after cracking the exams. Siegwald Academy has a unique position in that respect as a training institute for SSB exams, or any other defence service exams like NDA. The mentors at Siegwald Academy don’t just take you through the rigours of cracking the entrance test, but also equip you with skills that can take you beyond the written test and inside the premises of a defence training academy. Your dream to be an officer of the defence forces doesn’t end with the entrance test, and our mentors at Siegwald Academy don’t limit their training to that test either.

Keeping up with this spirit, we have outlined some dos and don’ts of gentlemanly conduct that aspirants stepping into SSB centres for their personality tests have to remember, and follow. You need to understand that from the moment you step inside the SSB centre, your every move and behaviour is being noted by assessors. You may not be able to see them staring at you, but they are keeping a watch, that you can be sure of! So, they are studying your body language, your interaction with other aspirants and how you dress up. A seemingly small matter like wearing shorts to the formal dining room of the centre can be seen as a disciplinary affront.

It’s not just how you dress up, though that’s a start. You are at the SSB centre because you want to be an officer of the Indian Army, or Navy or Air Force, so you need to dress like one. Shabby clothes or an unshaven face is a clear sign that your personal attitude is all over the place and unbecoming of a defence service officer. You have a proud and prestigious legacy set by outstanding officers over the years. They will never take you as one of their own if you are unable to match their high standards. Along with clothes, you should always be courteous with other aspirants as if they are your brother-officers. During the course of a discussion, never allow it to turn ugly or unpleasant or into a shouting fest. Such small points make a big difference.

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