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The Nightmare Of PPDT In SSB Screening

A major hurdle in SSB screening is the PPDT stage. PPDT stands for Picture Perception and Discussion Stage. In this test, a picture is shown to you. You are expected to write a story on this picture in about 4 minutes. Then, you have to discuss this story with other candidates while assessors are present to hear you interact. Finally, all of you in the group will have to contribute towards creating a common story.

This test becomes a nightmare for most SSB candidates because there are so many variables floating around, and you cannot so many factors. What’s worse, not doing something or keeping quiet is also not an option because you may find that the rabble-rousers in the group are screened in while your quiet demeanor got you screened out! In other words, you have to be very smart in playing the PPDT card.

Here, we are offering you some tips to get a handle on this nightmare of a PPDT screening stage. However, you should note that these are theoretical answers to a practical question. So, your case may be totally different from what you prepare for. Keeping your wits about you is probably the single most important factor to keep in mind. Let’s look at the tips now.

Firstly, write a good story on the picture that you see. Think of something probably and real-life. Don’t try to sell a story of super-humans or aliens. The job that you are screening for is a hardcore practical job. You have to be creative with the story, but its premise must be in practical life. Also, try to name your characters properly. Generic names like Ram and Shyam do nothing to promote your cause!

Now, during the narration part, make sure you are confident and clear in your approach. Offer your story briefly. While narrating, if you feel that you are going off on a tangent, come back quickly. Make sure you remember that the other candidates in the room have to like your story to boost your cause. A convoluted story will not help you.

While creating the common story, never push your own story forward at the expense of others. If your story is actually the best, the others will push it forward. Your aim should be to contribute to a common theme instead of diverting attention away from it. If there is a lot of chaos, don’t log off. Keep trying to tie up the whole picture. Remember that the assessors are observing you at all time. They will reward your effort toward a common cause.

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