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Tips To Crack CDS Exams In A Month

Combined Defence Service or CDS exams are tough to crack. There are many candidates who try repeatedly before getting through while more others never manage to get through the door. However, it is not as difficult as it seems to be, if you have the right guidance. It’s like swimming in a river. You will find the going easier if someone taught you how to swim as opposed to you struggling in the water all alone with no guidance. This guidance is what our mentors at Siegwald Academy offers to candidates expecting to crack the CDS exams.

In This Post, We Are Looking At Some Tips To Crack The Exams After A Month’s Prep Work. Let’s See How It Can Be Possible.

Week 1: This is the time when you get your study material sorted and arranged. Go through the entire syllabus properly and check if you have all the study material available with you. If you have studied with us at Siegwald, you should be having course books as well as notes given out by our professional mentors who specialize in CDS exams. When you have all that you need to study at standby, you feel a little more confident.

Week 2: This is when you dive into the studies. Break up the syllabus into three broad groups: English, Maths and General Awareness. Now delve deeper into each group and cover all the topics, including the sub-topics. Leave nothing untouched because there will be negative marking in the exam. So you cannot afford to play blindly. Divide your day into three parts and assign one part for each group mentioned here.

Week 3: This is the time when you start solving mock test papers. This is also the time when you start looking at the watch while solving the test papers. Speed and accuracy are two pillars on which your CDS exam success lies. You have to master both. The more you practice, the better you will be at handling pressure and getting used to the exam situation.

Week 4: During this period, take some rest and go slow on the prep work. This is when you should take care of your health. After all, you will perform only when you are in the pink of health on the exam day. If you are stressed out and exhausted, you will not be able to focus and your brain will be tired.

Hope these tips will help you sail through the CDS exams!

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