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Tips To Improve English Speaking For Group Discussion In SSB

English is a popular language not only in India but also across the world. India is a multi-lingual country where millions of people speak, with no or little similarity, speak multiple languages. Here, English acts as a common mode of communication between them. In GD round of SSB Coaching Centre in Kolkata, aspirants are expected to speak in English because there are other candidates who might not understand Hindi or another person’s mother tongue. Thus, English is preferred as means of communication.

What is the Problem?

Now, as you know, mother tongue for Indians is not English. So, naturally, they have to translate their original thoughtsinto this language to communicate. If they cannot master this language, they will fumble for words. Without proper practice, they might even make offensive or controversial comments. It happens only because they do not have the right words in their vocabulary to express a thing effectively in politically correct language. That is why, it is essential to have string command on spoken English for GD round.

What is the Solution?

Well, there are several ways to improve spoken English. But the methods are time-consuming and you cannot succeed, if you rush. You need sufficient time to master the basics of English and then speak it fluently. Experts of SSB Training Centre in Kolkata provide some tips to help you in effective communication in English.

  • The first thing you can do is watch English movies, news channels and TV shows. Writing and reading are joint abilities, similarly,listening and speaking are also combined efforts. Whenever you get time, listen and watch English programs. Try to understand the meaning of words you are listening. Continuous listening to English will enhance your sense of language and enable you to speak well.
  • Make a habit of reading English books and newspapers. Reading will provide you with more words, antonyms and synonyms and also, improve vocabulary. Reading will also help you in framing sentences correctly.
  • Start speaking in English as much as you can. You might read or listen English to a great extent, but you will not have good command over the language unless you speak English. Whenever you talk to teachers and friends, talk in English.

Hope all these guidelines will help you in mastering English language and fluently communicating in it. SSB Coaching Centre in Kolkata provides effective training in English language and helps in every possible way to have good command over the language.

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