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Top 3 Books For Defence Enthusiasts

Recently, World Book Day was celebrated globally. People all over the world, including celebrities, shared pictures of them reading books. Those pictures took the social media by storm. That brings us to focus which books you can read as a defence exam enthusiast and aspirant. The list does not include study books for defence exams like NDA or AFCAT but fictional accounts of what a soldier’s life is. These books can be read as adventure stories as well as for their breathtaking accounts of operations conducted by soldiers on the ground, in the water and air.

The Love Story of a Commando written by Mrs Swapnil Pandey is the first book on this list. This reads like a mainstream Bollywood film about a Commando, with all the action and romantic ideas about soldiers operations and command units. It is about Virat, a Black Cat Commando and Riya, a millennial in love with the music of Ed Sheeran and David Guetta. Riya’s sheltered life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Virat. Their worlds are poles apart and sparks fly when they come together. The writing is top notch so you will end up reading the book quicker than you think.

The Brave: Param Veer Chakra Stories written by Mrs Rachna Bisht Rawat is about real-life stories of bravery, patriotism, indomitable courage and love for the country. There are many accounts of soldiers making the supreme sacrifice for the country. The stories pick up the thread of loss with the families of martyred soldiers. There are stories about wives and mothers missing their loved ones while they protect the country. This book will give you goosebumps as you read about what makes a soldier of the Indian defence services.

The third book on our list is Shoot, Dive, Fly written by Mrs Rachna Bisht Rawat again. As the title of the book suggests, the three flanks of the defence forces, Army, Navy and Air Force, make up this book. This book prepares defence aspirants on what they can expect from their life as a soldier. They will know about the risks and dangers of this life and the sacrifice they need to make to be a soldier. It is also about knowing beforehand how a soldier works and what team bonding is about.

Hope these books inspire you enough!

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