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Group Testing Officer-

GTO or Group Testing Officer testing stage is one of the stages of getting through at SSB
exams. As is evident from the name of the test, the GTO rings out the behavior of an
individual in the context of a group. During a personal interview, the assessing officer tests the
individual’s response in a one-on-one situation. However, in GTO, a candidate’s ability to
function and thrive in a group tested.

There are two pointers to remember about the GTO tests. One is that the defence forces put
a lot of premium on group dynamics. Soldiers work together in a team. Unless you are a
team player, you cannot be part of the forces. Alone, you cannot survive nor will the powers
that be allow you to get in.

Secondly, the dynamics within a group are not in your control.
You can monitor and amplify your own performance but the overall work done by the group
is not in your grip. You have to pull up your own tasks as well as look after the performance
of the entire group.

Keeping These Pointers In Mind, Here Are The Top 3 Skills That Are Monitored By The GTO:

● Leadership: It is not necessary that a person is designated as a leader within a
group. Without an official rank or post, one can display leadership within a group.
How you take everyone along the way is surely a skill that will be tested by the

● Team Work: After leadership, the most crucial skill is the ability to work in a team.
Even when someone is assigned to lead, your work as a team player is to pull up
your own performance and look after the others in the team. Nothing should be
done for individual gain.

● Dependable: GTOs prefer a dependable person, as would anyone in the defence
services. The entire country, for that matter, will prefer having a dependable person
manning the international and national security frontiers.

This is a quality that cannot
be compromised. It is important that you understand that you should try to imbibe these qualities rather than
putting on a show. GTOs are experienced and trained to identify wanna-be candidates! So,
work on your personality and make sure you show your true, best side to the GTO.

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