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Top 3 Misconceptions About Army Life

Anyone who is preparing and working hard to join the Army in any capacity should have a good and correct idea of a soldier’s life. In our Siegwald Academy and this blog, we have written extensively about a soldier’s life, instead of simply offering exam tips. It is imperative that you know about the life of a soldier before putting your nose to the grind in cracking NDA or AFCAT or any of the other exams. Keeping up with this spirit, here we are talking about the top 3 misconceptions people have about the life of a soldier.

Wrong Idea 1: Most civilians think that army personnel are superhumans! Their idea is based on Bollywood and other mainstream movies which portray army personnel as handsome, morally upright and superhumanly capable. While there is no doubt that every army personnel in the Indian defence services is supremely capable and talented, they are regular human beings. They are well trained but they are human beings too! So it is only so much that they can do and achieve single-handedly. It is only through rigorous training and planning that they achieve miraculous feats.

Wrong Idea 2: Civilians also think that soldiers are nothing but obedient human beings. Their misconception is that army personnel cannot think on their own and can only follow orders. That is quite wrong because situations crop up where each and every soldier has to take quick and individual decisions. They are trained to think on their feet and work alone, when necessary. That is why interviewers pick candidates who are independent and have a mind of their own. If following orders was the criterion, they would have only picked candidates who are yes-people.

Wrong Idea 3: Army personnel lead regular lives outside the ambit of their jobs. It is not that they live a very eventful life otherwise. On the job, they are quite accustomed to live under diverse conditions and places. However, during their off days, they live the family lives that all of us do. There is no larger-than-life element here. That also means that they are guided by basic human emotions, they miss their family while they are on the job serving the country and they are as likely to get angry or provoked as any of us. It is just that they are trained to handle emotions and situations better. That’s the only difference.

Hope this clears out some of your wrong ideas about life as an Indian Army soldier.

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