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Top 4 Physical Exercises For SSB Aspirants

It is wrong to assume that soldiers can fight only because of the weapons they are provided. Weapons are handy when there is combat. What about the fights that soldiers wage every single day against rough terrain? Soldiers have to fight every day to keep fit and without this fitness, weapons are of little use to soldiers. Such fitness cannot be achieved overnight. It takes years to build a body suitable for a solider. During physical rounds, SSB aspirants have to take strenuous exercises to get through.

Unless you start working on your body as an aspirant, you cannot clear the physical rounds during SSB. Apart from mental exercises which you will do through books and mock tests, physical exercises are a must.

In This Blog Post, We Are Highlighting The Top 4 Physical Exercises For SSB Aspirants:

Run: The most basic of physical exercises and surely one of the most effective ones in building a strong, robust body. During the physical rounds, you will be asked to run anyway. So incorporating running into your daily fitness routine is a necessity. You can start with 200 and 400 metres of sprint and slowly build up your stamina.

Stretches: Stretching your body works like a warm-up exercise. Stretching your muscles, bones and ligaments everyday keeps them in working condition. When you need them to deliver beyond the capability of their everyday routine, they work well only if you stretch them daily.

Planks: In sets of 5 minutes thrice a day, you can do planks in various combinations. Planks help to develop back, arms and shoulder muscles. To be a soldier, you need a muscle ratio that is good enough to withstand the harsh life you will have to lead. Planks can be of various types, with the most obvious one being where you bend your elbows and put the body on them, keeping your body straight from head to toe.

Pushups: This is one exercise which you may have to perform at the military academy during SSB rounds. The general standard is to do about 14 pushups in a minute. When you start off, you need to do about 3 or 5 in a minute and take it from there. You can track the progress and stay motivated.

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