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Top 5 Study Tips To Crack NDA Exam

The NDA entrance exam will be conducted on the 9th of September, 2018.

Candidates who are slated to take this exam are already preparing in all earnest. But when we asked our experts here at Siegwald Academy about these candidates, they had something different to say. According to our experts, you need smart work more than hard work. Simply slogging through the books and trying to memorize everything isn’t going to take you far.

Here are the top 5 study tips that can help you conquer the NDA entrance test.

Tip 1: The most crucial tip is to draw up a study plan. With all subjects that you have to cover, and the depth you need to touch in the individual modules, you need a plan well in advance. Otherwise, you will end up focusing too much on something while another part of the curriculum slips by unnoticed and unprepared. Draw up a routine.

Tip 2: Segregate the syllabus into different zones of tough, moderate and easy. These areas differ from one applicant to the other. Some prefer to focus more on the mathematics portion while others may be quite good at it. Applicants who are motivated enough should start with the tough portions first. For the others, it is the inverse. If you are not very focused, starting with something difficult will deflate your interest.

Tip 3: Introspect into your own preparations. You must know what you are doing inside out. Recognize your individual and unique strengths and weaknesses. If you are not sure about it, talk to your mentors. They will guide you to spot areas where you need more work than the others.

Tip 4: Set deadlines. Just as you draw up a routine, like it was mentioned in tip 1, you need to stick to deadlines for modules. While preparing for NDA exam, you also have a parallel social or even academic life going on. So, you need to ensure that you are setting deadlines in order to stop the wastage of time.

Tip 5: Give ample rest to your brain through sleep. Proper diet and exercise is equally important. You should not neglect your health in an effort to put in more hours of study. Physical health is deeply connected to concentration and will power. Make sure you are eating and sleeping well to keep your mind fresh.

Hope these tips will help you crack the NDA test this time!

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