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Top Items To Carry For SSB Interview

On this blog, we don’t limit our material to tips and tricks to crack SSB exams. Keeping this spirit in mind, today we are talking about the top items that you need to carry for the SSB interview. While as struggling candidate may feel that the priority lies in cracking the written test first, reading up about the life after cracking the exam has the potential of motivating you further. Without further explanation, let’s dive into the top items to carry.

First up, you should get all your documents in order. Documents will include educational certificates of all major exams like the 10th and 12th standard, along with graduation. If the graduation process has semester exams, you should carry those certificates or mark sheets as well. Make sure you have at least 4 attested copies of each of these educational documents. Carry other certificates of excellence that you may have in sports or other fields. These require attested copies as well. Finally, carry ID cards issued by the government of India, like PAN card, AADHAAR card or driving licence. The ID card must have your photograph.

Other documents that are essential include the call letter. Make 3 copies of the call letter. Present one at the railway station when you reach the interview destination. You will need all 3 later on. Other than the call letter, carry a copy of the online application form that you had submitted along with a photograph. While filling up the form online, read all the instructions carefully. Make sure you have 2 copies of the form with you on the interview trip. As for photographs, you will need 25 passport size photos, along with 10 stamp size photos. These photos have to shot in blue or white background. Note that you need to wear your spectacles in the photo if you wear one usually.

In addition to the documents, carry enough clothes, like formal attire for the interview. You will need white sports shoes and white socks. You will also need writing material to take notes during the interview trip, along with pens. Carry at least 4 black or blue ball pens for the SSB interview. You will need a uniform and a combat dress as well.

Hope this inspires you enough to study better for SSB exams! Speak to our mentors at for more guidance.

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