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Top SSB Interview Mistakes To Avoid

The interview of SSB is typically the day when the three assessors, of the Psych, GTO and IO, get together to discuss the candidature of applicants. The individual assessors share their investigations with each other and decide among themselves if they will recommend a candidate. Generally speaking, a candidate who is clearly due to be selected or someone who is rejected outright is given a short interview. It is only candidates who have not made any clear impression on the assessors who have a longer interview.

However, be it a short or long interview, there is little a candidate can do to make some favorable impression on the assessors. What you can do as a candidate is ensure that you don’t undo all the hard work by committing these silly mistakes.

First up, don’t let your shoulders drop thinking that whatever you do at the interview won’t have any bearing on the future process. Candidates often make the mistake of dressing up in a casual, even trivial manner. These things matter, especially when the assessors are yet to make up their minds. You show up in a casual manner and they may tilt towards rejecting you.

Secondly, don’t waste the time of the assessors by talking about sundry matters. You may find it difficult to believe but there are candidates who take the liberty of being too free with their words! Many consume too much time in an effort to thank the assessors or make suggestions to them. The assessors may ask you for your suggestions but it’s better to keep it short and pithy, instead of going all-out to criticize the board. Some candidates even ask the assessors to review them! These are mistakes that you should avoid by all means.

Thirdly, you should follow protocol that is taught to you through the days leading up to the interview. For example, it is customary to address the senior-most officer in the interview room and not everyone you find sitting in uniform. The senior-most officer is usually presiding over the board and is your communication point. You need not greet or exchange pleasantries with any of the others, unless they greet you.

Finally, make sure you keep an open mind and not think too much. Be confident and polite. That will see you through!  

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