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Top Tips From AFCAT Mentors

The mentors at Siegwald Academy who train AFCAT aspirants are always dependable when it comes to sharing tips and tricks! They have years of experience in helping candidates crack the AFCAT entrance exams and they are the real pillars of the best AFCAT training institute in KolkataSiegwald Academy. Let us look at some of the tips that they decided to share with anyone who’s willing to be a part of the defence services through this exam.

The first tip that they share is that the Mathematics portion of AFCAT is not as tough as that of CDS or NDA. So aspirants who are not that strong in Maths should opt for this route to get through to the defence services. The curriculum is limited as well, making this portion of the test a real scoring opportunity. All you need is good command over formulae and the ability to calculate fast.

Secondly, browse through the general affairs of the last five or six months leading up to the test. Several toppers of AFCAT exams swear by this method to get better marks. The questions always test your general knowledge by checking how thoroughly you read the newspapers. Many aspirants ignore this G K section because they are confident of doing well here. You can do well here, sure, but you need to work on the current affairs bit.

Thirdly, negative marking is a major reason why so many dreams of AFCAT examinees get dashed. When you approach the question paper, stick to questions you know. For doubtful questions, leave them aside and move on. Come back later if you have time. If your guesswork is not feeling right in the gut, leave the question alone. You will undo all the hard work if you are reckless with your answers. Work on the questions you know.

Finally, practice the English verbal and non-verbal areas well. For the non-verbal questions, all you need is a good command over your observation powers. It is not hard to attain if you take plenty of mock tests before the exam. Similarly, the reasoning portion will develop as well with practice.

Hope these tips from our AFCAT mentors work for you! For individual help, get in touch with them at

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