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Tricks To Crack Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions

SSB interview rounds are integral to the process of securing your entry into the armed forces. But you need to have a plan in order to make that successful. If you walk in for the interview without a game plan, you will be caught unaware. You may even get knocked out of the race. In this personal interview of PI round, there is a segment where you are asked questions in rapid sequence. After the line of questioning is over, you will have to answer in sequence as well.

Here Are Some Tricks To Crack The Rapid Fire Round Of SSB Interview.

Trick 1: The first trick in the book is to read the Personal Interview Questionnaire or PIQ form. The information you provide in the PIQ form is what provides the basis of the rapid fire round. Even the sequence will mirror the flow of information in the PIQ. So study the PIQ form and map out the sequence of answers accordingly.

Trick 2: Keep your answers brief and to the point. That way, you will not end up confusing yourself about the sequence of questioning. When your answers are long-winding, you may get a little off track about the questions. Moreover, if you provide too much information or unnecessary details, it will open up doors for more questions from the interviewer, which may get into tricky territory. Don’t provide ammunition to the interviewer.

Trick 3: You will be asked questions about your academic background, along with achievements on the sporting field. Be humble about your achievements and realistic about your failures. Some candidates make the mistake of putting the blame on someone or the other when they talk about failures. Never do that. It’s a lot better to own up and takes responsibility about the shortcomings. It reflects well on your personality.

The idea of these tests is to test the depths of your personality. Show your best side and be yourself instead of trying to project a false persona. You can consult our mentors at Siegwald Academy, the best SSB training institute.

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