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Tricks To Develop OLQs In Your Personality

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know by now that to crack SSB exams and the personal interviews, you need to inculcate various OLQs in yourself. This is not something that you can do overnight. You need to take baby steps towards doing this by making them a part of your habit.

To make matters easy, SSB has listed 15 qualities and tagged them as Officer Like Qualities (OLQs). These qualities are:
1.Reasoning Ability
2.Effective Intelligence
3.Power of Expression
4.Organizing Ability
6.Social Adaptability
8.Sense of Responsibility
9.Quickness of Decision
10.Self Confidence
12.Ability to Influence

As is evident from the list, many of these qualities are either ingrained in your personality or you will have to work doubly hard to achieve them. For example, you can develop your reasoning ability with sheer practice. Taking lots of mock tests in reasoning can take you forward enough. The same goes for effective intelligence. It is not enough that you are smart. You need to channelize your intelligence effectively. Otherwise, it will not affect your performance in any way during the SSB rounds.

There are other qualities which come by after a lot of effort. Power of Expression is one of those qualities. There are numerous instances of candidates failing to clear the rounds because they were unable to express themselves. During the GD round, candidates may think on clear terms, but their inability to express their opinion in a logical, candid manner costs them their seat. However, with practice and focus, you can improve pronunciation and diction. Watching a lot of English News is a must.

There are many leadership qualities which are not stated in as many words, like Ability to Influence, Sense of Responsibility and Quickness of Decision. These are developed through daily practice. Take small decisions in your life and start taking accountability. That will ensure that you get into the habit of taking quick decisions and that will come through when you sit for the interview.

If you want to work on this part of SSB, our mentors at Siegwald Academy can guide you.

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