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Types Of Questions Asked In NDA SSB Interview

SSB or Service Selection Board evaluates officers being recruited for Indian Armed Forces. Indian Defense Ministry administers the SSB board, whose primary objective is to select candidates with “officer-like qualities.” The Board assesses the candidates based on professionalism, character, readiness, and resilience.

NDA SSB Interview Pattern

SSB interviews are based on a specific pattern. The interview is divided into four parts. You must first understand the pattern at SSB coaching in Kolkata to crack the interview.

The first part of the first level is the Introduction. In this part, the Board will ask some primary and general questions. Then they move to the second level, where the question’s level also upgrades. Now they will ask standard questions related to things happening in real life.

Moving ahead, the level of questions also upgrades. In the third level, they ask questions about social problems and current events. Finally, the fourth level comprises questions related to your trade and is more practical.

Thus, the Board asks all kinds of questions and leaves nothing unturned before selecting you for the service.

The SSB Coaching centre in Kolkata trains students for NDA SSB interviews. Based on its expertise, the centre has listed some of the critical NDA SSB interview questions that will help you understand the types of questions asked in the interview.

  • State the reason behind joining the Indian Army.
  • Why weren’t you chosen in past attempts?
  • Can you state one reason that makes your sibling superior to you?
  • Why should we choose you over other participants?
  • Do you drink alcohol or smoke?
  • How well did you perform on the three tests?
  • How did you feel during your time at SSB?
  • What is your goal after joining SSB?
  • During SSB Testing, did you notice any change in yourself?
  • Who is the best candidate of your group?
  • In the past five days, how many friends did you make?
  • What is the most significant event of your life to date?
  • Whom do you prefer more – your father or your mother?
  • Which is your favourite SSB experience out of all the 5-day SSB experiences?
  • Do you know why the Board didn’t recommend you the first time you tried?
  • What will be your first reaction if you find out about your recommendation?
  • Who is the first person you want to beat the crap out of?
  • In which test could you have performed better?
  • Which places of Board’s location in the city have you visited?
  • Will you tell someone of a crime you committed without others noticing it, or will you keep it to yourself?
  • State the honorary ranks are given to the Indian Armed Forces personnel.
  • What is the Defence Investiture Ceremony? Describe its significance and state where it is held.
  • List and describe all the crucial wars of the Indian Army.
  • Describe the Indian Armed forces’ Special Forces.
  • State the geographical importance of the Indian Armed Forces in the border areas.
  • Which are the optimum merits of the Indian Air Force aircraft? Explain them.
  • How significant is the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)?
  • Which public sector undertakings deal in defence armaments? Name a few.
  • What is the difference between Para Military Forces and Special Forces?
  • State and explain some of the essential operations of the Indian Army carried out to date.
  • Explain the significance and coordination of ISRO and the Indian Armed Forces.
  • State the names of the Chiefs of Indian Armed Forces’ all three wings.
  • What are the two recent agreements of the defence sector with foreign nations?
  • Mention where the central commands of the Air Force and the Indian Army are located.
  • State some of the primary weapons used by the Indian Army.
  • How much knowledge do you have about India’s nuclear submarine?
  • State the difference between peacetime and wartime gallantry awards.
  • Which are some of the oldest and most proactive Indian Army regiments? Name a few of them.
  • Explain Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP).


Go through these questions and try to frame the perfect answers. These questions will help you get more confident in facing the interview questions. You can also take your tutor’s advice at SSB Coaching in Kolkata and prepare the best answers for all the probable questions.

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