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What Kind Of Person Are You At SSB Interviews

There are three kinds of personalities noted during the PPDT and GD rounds at SSB interviews. The assessing officers designated to evaluate individual candidates have experience in doing so and are trained in psychological analysis. As a result, they are able to differentiate between personalities even if the candidate tries to project themselves as someone different than what they actually are.

We Have Outlined Three Kinds Of Personalities Mainly Observed At SSB Interviews:

Aggressive: Such candidates give their opinions in a strong, forceful manner. They are usually unconcerned about the reaction they get from the others in the room. If the others disagree or argue over a point, they quickly lose their temper and get into a shouting fest. Such candidates are usually not polite to other candidates and have zero tolerance about the views of others. All they want to do is blaze their way through the GD or PPDT.

Passive: These are candidates who quickly surrender their point of view when they are challenged. They feel threatened and even hurt if they are unable to get good response from the other candidates. As a result, they often fail to make their point when they are surrounded by aggressive candidates. Because they are soft-spoken, they have a clear disadvantage. More than this quality, what works against them is their reluctance in sticking to their guns.

Assertive: Such candidates are ideal for GD and PPDT. They are able to present their arguments in a straightforward and direct manner. When challenged, they argue with points and counterpoints, without resorting to yelling and shouting. These are candidates who try their best to control the aggressive behavior of other candidates. When the room turns into a noisy market, these candidates keep to their arguments and continue talking by ignoring others. That is all the assessing officers want to see actually!

As a candidate, you can understand from the above qualities what kind of person you should ideally be at the SSB interviews. Remember that you need to internalize these qualities and not fake them for the interviews. Assessing officers at SSB can quickly spot fake personalities. Train yourself to be assertive even in personal and social circles. When you get into this habit, you will do better at GD and PPDT.

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