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The SSB call letter , directing you to attend the personal interview and other rounds at the designated military academy, is what thousands of candidates work hard for every year.

When that finally happens, when you get the SSB call letter in your hands for the first time, the feeling is one of immense satisfaction of having cleared one hurdle, that of the written test. However, this sense of satisfaction is quickly replaced by one of anticipation and nervousness: will I be able to clear the next round of SSB?

A lot depends on how you handle this phase of time, right after receiving the SSB call letter. We asked some of our SSB experts at Siegwald Academy and they had some interesting tips to share.

Firstly, this is the time to get into a fixed time-table. Bid bye to the days of living as per your whims and fancies! If you want to be an army person, you need to work according to a routine. Army life is nothing if not adhering to a schedule, a routine. During those 5 days of SSB interviews, you have to live in a routine. It gives you the first taste of the discipline in army life. If you get used to it a little earlier at home, it helps when you have to follow the schedule designated at SSB interviews.

Secondly, start off on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Remember that 30% of SSB candidates get rejected because they could not shot adequate fitness levels. Do yoga in the morning and freehand exercises in the evening, including running or brisk walking. Fitness does not develop in a fortnight or in a month. It takes months and years to be fit for the army. Start today.

Thirdly, other than developing your body, work on your mind development as well. Read books and magazines that boost your general knowledge and ideas on current affairs. You can watch TV news, debates and channels like NatGeo for informative content. The visual medium is remembered more often that simply reading books. You should work on expanding your knowledge horizons as well, instead of only reading curriculum books of SSC.

Professional SSB trainers at the premium SSB training institute in Kolkata, Siegwald Academy, can answer your queries and offer tips and suggestions. Get in touch with us to fulfil your dream of cracking SSB.

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