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What To Expect In CIQs Of SSB Interview

CIQ stands for Comprehensive Information Questionnaire. During the personal interview stage of SSB exams, the Interviewing Officer or IO asks some questions. We had discussed this earlier in a blog post where we wrote about the personal questions that may be asked. In this segment, we are going deeper into this very stage. There are 6 CIQs that will be asked by the IO. If you are well aware of what’s going to come your way, you can be prepared mentally. You will be able to understand what’s coming next.

Here Are The 6 CIQs And What Kind Of Questions You Might Be Asked By The IO.

1st: This is the stage where you will be asked questions about your academic background and how involved you are in sports and games. Here, you might come across questions like, “What was your favorite subject in school and why?” or “Who was your favorite teacher and why?” The idea is to assess your choices and get a glimpse into your personal views.

2nd: The 2nd CIQ is about your relationship with your family. You will be asked questions about the time you spend with them and how strong your bond is. Get ready to face a question like “How do you spend your time with your family and what are the activities you like to do together?” You may be quizzed about money matters as well, like “Where do you get your money from?” or “What kind of relationship you have with your neighbors?”

3rd: The 3rd CIQ is digging deeper into your personal identity. Here the questions are about your hobbies and favorite activities. You may be asked to explain what you do in your free time and if you inculcate any hobbies. A meaningful hobby is definitely something that IOs would love to hear about!

4th: The 4th CIQ merges your hobbies with current affairs. So if you have mentioned a sport, like a cricket, as your hobby or something you play during leisure, you may be asked about the current news items related to cricket or other sporting headlines.

5th: This stage is where you will be asked how you think you have fared in the previous rounds. You will be asked to conduct a SWOT or Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat analysis. The IO wants to test if you are sure about your performance or have the required confidence in your own abilities.

6th: This is an optional CIQ and deals exclusively with why you want to join the defense forces. Sometimes, questions from the previous CIQs are also asked to elucidate some points.

Hope this will help you prepare better for SSB. You can consult our team of experts at Siegwald Academy, the premier institute of SSB training in West Bengal and Bihar.

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