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What You Need To Know About AFSB

As someone who is keenly interested in joining the defence forces to serve the country, you should be knowing about SSB. It is a Service Selection Board which conducts tests, including written, psychological and physical, to find out the best candidate to join the defence forces among several thousand applicants each year. The AFSB is the Air Force Selection Board, the SSB wing of the Indian Air Force. After cracking the AFSB, you will be entitled to join the Air Force as an Officer.

It goes without saying the tests taken on the path of recommending you as a candidate fit to be an Indian Air Force Officer will be tough and full of challenges. There will be a period of 6 or 7 days when you have to stay at the Centre of AFSB and go through a series of tests, evaluations, group discussions and physical tests. The idea is to get a thorough idea of who you are as a person and how you behave in different situations. A calm head with ability to take quick decisions based on high degrees of perception is what is needed. Whether you have it or not will be screened by assessing officers of the Indian Air Force.

Through this period, you will have to display your true self and go through the process truthfully, with courage and conviction. The tests will not allow you to showcase a personality which you are actually not. Pretence and fake ideas will be spotted in a jiffy by trained assessing officers who may have been doing this for years! The only way you can impress them is by displaying what you really are. If you have the qualities, known in SSB parlance as Officer Like Qualities (OLQs), you will be inducted into the defence services.

The period of tests will contain psychological evaluation through picture interpretation and other analytical tests. The group discussions and individual interviews are all set towards one goal: find out how you react to situations and conditions individually or as a member of a group. The assessing officers will check if you are a team player and have the potential to be a team leader. So berating your co-aspirant is strictly ruled out!

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