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Why NDA Dropout Rate Is High

Thousands of NDA aspirants take the entrance exams each year with lots of dreams in their eyes. They feel motivated about the exam because they have ideas about the army life which they have picked up from films, seniors who are associated with the army or through talks with NDA mentors in institutes like Siegwald Academy

However, experiencing something personally and learning about it from others is a whole different ballgame altogether. Did you know that the dropout rate among NDA candidates is quite high? If you believe the stats, they will tell you that the dropout rate is an alarming 15 to 20%.

You can look at it from a different perspective as well. If so many candidates quit even after qualifying, they are wasting those seats which other candidates could have bagged and actually fulfilled the course to join the army. Don’t you think that the candidates who quit midway have no idea about it themselves? Being the sharpest minds in the country, they surely know the consequences of their actions. Yet, they feel compelled.

We asked some seniors and retired army personnel why this number was so alarmingly high. Among the reasons cited, they are the obvious ones like homesickness and inability to cope with the physical and mental rigours of army training. There is also a bit of waking up for many candidates who had envisaged a completely different view of how the training period would be. When faced with reality, they are unable to handle it and crack under pressure.

There is another reason stated by these NDA experts. There is a kind of ragging prevalent at NDA institutes, which is popular as ‘ragda’. This is a kind of physical exertion which seniors extol on their juniors in the garb of making them tough for war and other necessities ahead. To formers of NDA institutes, this is nothing but ragging which can be quite painful and humiliating. Of course, all of this happens with the authorities none the wiser. It is like an open secret.

Many dropouts blame their inability handle these ragging sessions as the reason why they quit. As an NDA aspirant, you should be mentally prepared for this. Otherwise all your hard work will bear little fruit if you are not mentally fit to survive these sessions. Be confident and take it as another challenge.

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