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Why NDA Is The Best Option For Building A Career In Defence

National Defence Academy or NDA is one of the most prestigious and respectable defence academies in India. It provides students who have passed class 12 or graduation with a very bright future. NDA is in search of those people who are willing to join and are passionate about defence as well as have a patriotic feeling and are dedicated towards their Nation.

3 Reasons Why NDA Is The Best Option For Building A Career In Defence:

Pride & Satisfaction

Each and every army personal gets a golden opportunity to serve his motherland. The feeling of pleasure, the happiness and the pride of serving our motherland are just out of the world. The satisfaction is something different altogether when you get the chance to secure and save lives. Most of them join the Army in search of love and respect that you from everyone around you.

Professional Advancement

The opportunity which you get from the Army is just limitless, which helps in enhancing your personality traits. For a youngster who is aspiring to get a job full of challenges and excitement, then there is no better job than the defence. Joining an Armed force can fulfill all your dreams and expectations Indian Army is a prestigious profession that serves the Nation with sacrifice and devotion.

Job Security & Economic Stability

India is having an ample number of respected and good government jobs which has high job security with good pay, and the Army is one of those. The Armed force Officer is given an enormous amount of facilities like free schooling for their children, excellent accommodation, free medical facilities to the dependents, loan facilities and free air tickets to you as well as your family members once in a year. There are few specials memberships given which are absolutely cheap that you can consider it as good as free of cost. They provide you with some good clubs, golf courses, horse riding courses and gym memberships. Apart from the attractions that are mentioned above, joining Armed forces can actually assure you to live a much healthier lifestyle than before.

Nowadays, NDA is a very popular option among the youngsters when it comes to building a career in defence, and one can get coaching from various states. There are various NDA coaching in Eastern India, CDS training in Manipur and NDA training in Manipur where most of the students tend to enroll. One such is Siegwald Academy. This academy allows you to achieve your dream by providing quality training, both theoretical and practical. You will be prepared for written tests, GDs, interviews and everything that you need for cracking NDA.

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