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Why NDA Offers The Best Opportunity

There are thousands of students fresh out of school who take the NDA entrance exams every year. The NDA exams are there for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the defence services of the country. The eligibility criteria are simple, too. You need to complete plus two exams, which is standard 12 from any recognized board in the country. 

So what is the allure of the NDA that draws so many candidates every year? There are other ways of entering the defence services as well. Still, NDA is the more popular choice. There are several reasons for this. Let’s find out. 

FirstlyNDA entrance tests open up the window of entering the defence services quite early in life. As a result, candidates can train for 4 years, something you cannot get when you get entry into the defence services through any other door. With this kind of time, which is actually graduation for candidates, you get accustomed to the life in the defence forces and what kind of discipline is expected from you. When you finally step out of the training academies after 4 years, you have the training and discipline of actual defence personnel.

Secondly, if you crack NDA after your school, you do not waste time joining a college or studying courses which will ultimately not be something that you will take up as a career. Instead of wasting time, troop into the NDA and learn skills which will be of use to you all your life. For life as a soldier, no matter how much you train, it will not seem enough. So the extra years of training and induction into the soldier’s life will be useful in the long run. 

Thirdly, NDA entrance tests can be cracked with a few months of concentrated effort, coupled with professional guidance. Institutes like have the mentors and trainers who can help you crack the NDA test in the very first attempt. It will be of immense motivation when you join a class full of NDA aspirants that have a common goal and working with a common purpose. You will learn so much from each other, and from the mentors.

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