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Why You Need SSB Training Institute

There are various online coaching classes offering SSB training. Many of them offer ‘guarantee’ that you will qualify in the SSB exams if you take those online classes! However, all that is not true and any level-headed candidate aiming for the defense services should be able to see through this maze of false promises. Only a reputed and credible SSB training institute can take you closer to your goal of serving the country by defending it.

There are numerous reasons why you need SSB training institutes instead of trying to take the whole leap alone.

Firstly, at a training institute like Siegwald Academy, you will be trained by professionals engaged in this field for several years. Some of them are ex-SSB officers themselves and know the inside story very well. They will share their experiences of cracking the exam, along with the life that you are going to lead after qualifying for the exams. It will help you make an informed choice about the career you have chosen.

Secondly, these mentors and trainers will guide you on how to handle stages of the selection process which are not about pen and paper, or online exams. For example, there is a personality interview test. During the test, the officers in charge can put you through grilling sessions and test your patience and other qualities. You need face-to-face guidance from experienced mentors to learn the tricks of the trade.

Thirdly, SSB training institutes like ours take multiple mock tests throughout your training period. These mock tests are not just in the written genre. Other stages of the process, like PPDT, are also tested. As a result, you become a bit of a veteran yourself! Situations seem familiar and the pressure to perform gets dissipated after so much of practice. By the time you appear for the actual tests, you become adept at handling the tests.

Finally, in a classroom setting, you are clubbed together with peers who push you forward. Because you are united with the same purpose, you find the competition to be healthy. In areas where you are not so robust, you can learn through peer study.

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